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 THAT OFFERS A WIDE RANGE OF SKINCARE, HAIRCARE AND BODY CARE PRODUCTS   , understand skin related issues and are dedicated to creating some of the best  kstdc branded skincare products for you and your skin. We realise that your skin is one of the most delicate organs in your body, and that it should be treated just as preciously.It is fairly simple to own several beauty and skin treatment products for natural ayurvedic  skincare, forest produce, organic , ayurvedic beauty products, ayurvedic cosmetic products,ayurvedic skin care products, ayurvedic hair care, ayurvedic sandalwood body care but it wouldn’t be of any use unless your skin is healthy and radiating with the glow that comes only with proper nourishment. Having said this, it is usually a tricky task to be able to tell your skin type – is your skin oily, dry, or a combination of both? Is your skin more prone to breakouts owing to the abundance of pollutants in theair? Should you look into the multi-fold options of skincare provided by science which include chemicals that can harm you even more? The questions are many and the answers aren’t as many in number. So, we have decoded this for you and have come up with the best  natural sandalwood ayurvedic skincare products, like Jwalini Retexturising Skin Treatment Oil, Pure Rose Water, Pure Vetiver Water, Pure Mogra Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, that are designed just for you and your skin type. BY CONCERN SKIN BRIGHTENING, ANTI AGEING, ANTI ACNE, TAN REMOVAL ,DRYNESS & DEHYDRATION, OIL CONTROL,BY CATEGORY CLEANSERS & SCRUBS CREAMS & MOISTURIZERS TONERS & MISTS MASKS SERUMS & TREATMENTS LIP CARE,BY CATEGORY CLEANSERS & SCRUBS CREAMS & MOISTURIZERS TONERS & MISTS MASKS SERUMS & TREATMENTS LIP CARE, 

KSTDC aromatherapy is all about stimulating your senses and relaxing your mind and body with natural  FOREST PRODUCE essential oils procured from flowers, leaves and barks. Our botanical world is full of invigorating, nourishing and rejuvenating concentrated essences, since there are countless types of trees and flowers available. KSTDC sandalwood Essential Oils are made from richly-sourced flowers and herbs, and then distilled to create the purest organic essential oils to you...

The Organic Essential Oils ,sandalwood shop  by KSTDC AYURVEDIC AND SANDALWOOD SHOP INDIA  are made by distilling hydrophobic liquid, sourced from different parts of the plants like the flowers, roots, barks, fruits and leaves,SANDALWOOD ,,OUDH. They contain volatile aroma compounds, which emit a mesmerising fragrance, and are ideal for massages, aromatherapy and wax candles.

Bergamot Essential Oil is light and fresh and infused with citric notes. Mix it with a carrier oil or base oil and dilute it well before applying on the skin. It helps balance oiliness, and reduces marks and pigmentation. It reduces body odour caused by germs and is an excellent remedy for alleviating sleeplessness and depression.

Both Tea Tree Essential Oil FROM MUNNAR TEA PLANTATION  and Sweet Basil Essential Oil treat skin-related issues like acne, pimples, blemishes, eczema, dandruff and psoriasis. For topical application, however, you need to mix it with a carrier oil such as Coconut, Almond and Sesame only. They energise the mind, body and spirit by alleviating tension, fatigue and melancholy.

Orange Essential Oil and YlangYlang Essential Oil  from africa are kstdc  luxurious finds for beauty enthusiasts, who like to indulge in aromatherapy. These essential oils for health are natural anti-depressants, and have antioxidant and immunity-building properties. When mixed with a base oil, they can help fight signs of ageing and dispel insomnia and anxiety.

Peppermint Essential oil and Pine Essential Oil alleviate a host of respiratory issues like bronchitis, congestion, sinusitis, asthma, apart from the common cold and cough. These oils soothe headaches, PMS, nausea, and relievemental tiredness. Pine Essential Oil helps ease fatigue and depression, improves the metabolism, and is extremely beneficial for treating skin ailments; just dilute a few drops in a bucket of water for a soothing bath or mix it with a carrier oil for topical application.

wild Lemongrass Essential Oil  and Lime Essential Oil have high antibacterial properties, and serve as an excellent astringent. These citric essential oils, when mixed with a carrier oil or base oil, can also treat hair problems, and work really well against skin infections caused by insects and germs. These oils alleviate anxiety, irritability and insomnia.

Lavender Essential Oil and Cinnamon Essential Oil are extremely effective in treating redness, irritation and swelling of the skin; just dilute a few drops in your favourite carrier oil like Sweet Almond, Coconut or Sesame. They stimulate the energy points of the body. Both are calming for the mind and body and help alleviate fatigue, anxiety, nausea and sleeplessness. Lavender Essential Oil relaxes the mind, and is an excellent essential oil for a sound sleep.

French Cypress Essential Oil  imported one can treat oily skin and Citronella Essential Oil can treat skin problems (when mixed with a base oil like Sesame, Sweet Almond or Coconut). It can also be used as a mosquito repellent. Pour a few drops onto a cotton ball and tuck into a corner of the room, refresh the cotton as required. Can also be used as a diffuser oil by adding a few drops with water to an essential oil burner.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil from kerala, when mixed with based oil like apricot or sweet almond oil, can heal rashes, sandalwood oil from mysore  for best  acne and burns on the skin. It also soothes itchy scalp, relieves muscular aches and is an effective decongesting agent. It dispels negative vibes, and boosts mental stability.

Ayurveda is a holistic and precise science that not only heals from the outside, but from within. And kstdc sandalwood shop follows Ayurvedic and natural  principles religiously to prepare organic  forest essential oils that not only address problems like acne or dry hair, but also keep depression, insomnia, stress and many other worries at bay. You can also buy these pure natural sandalwood  essential oils online shop  from india are  the comfort of your home, to invigorate your mind, body and senses.

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