sandalwood powder-sandalwood facepack

Additional Information

 medical uses like decreasing fever, decreasing dehydration effects, treating headaches, scorpion stings, various skin problems, treating bad breath, treating digestive problems(when taken with honey,rice-water and sugar), treatment against skin cancer.  can be used for dry and ageing skin  

  • Powder of pure natural Sandal wood
  • A well-known Indian traditional skin toner, makes skin smooth & fairer. Ideal for an additive for any face pack .
  • Ideal for an additive for any face pack .
  • Disinfectant: An agent that destroys or inhibits the activity of micro organisms that causes disease.
  • Astringent: When applied externally astringents cause coagulation of skin proteins and are used to protect the skin from acne, insect bites, superficial cuts or abrasions and allergies.