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KSTDC skin care, hair care, body care, beauty products, organic wellness products,Acne Treatment Anti-Aging Dark Circles Dryness Fairness Oil Control Prevention & Protection Tan Removal Uneven Skin Tone,Acne Treatment Anti-Aging Dark Circles, Dryness Fairness Oil Control Prevention & Protection Tan Removal Uneven Skin Tone, kstdc Skin Care Products The secrets to sandalwood ,sandalwood skin care have been encapsulated in the ancient Ayurvedic texts written by sages under the category of Dincharya- or daily routine. Everyone dreams of having a pampered, well-hydrated and flawless looking skin, however, with Organic skin care products in India with  KSTDC As per the doctrines of Ayurvedic SANDALWOOD  skin care products, healthy skin is a combined result of proper nutrition both internally as well as externally. We need to feed our skin with anti-oxidant rich creams, skin boosting nutrient serums and multi-taskers vitamin laced facial masques. Skin types, its requirements and textures are different for different people for which KSTDC  offers a vast assortment of best skin care products to choose from. The first step in understanding natural  organic skin care products in india will require you to figure out your skin type; whether dry, combination or oily. Post skin analysis, you can make your customized skin care regimen with KSTDC Indian Ayurvedic skin caresandal products. The necessary steps in skincare are Cleansing, Toning, Serums and Moisturizers/Skin protection creams. KSTDC Advanced Ayurveda range offers a variety of Organic skincare products such as foaming face  pack, oil cleansers,  sandalwood oil,makeup removers, hair oilm, toners, ayurvedic serums, sunscreens, night treatment creams, exfoliators,  We Provide Extensive Variety Of Healing Creams That Help Free the Skin From Dryness. Get Relief From Dry Skin & Stay Carefree With Our Specially Formulated Lotions. sandalwood  scrubs, masques and many more. Your skincare routine should always begin with removing your make-up every night and cleansing your face with a face wash every morning for a clear complexion and avoiding spots, dead cell build-up and acne. You should use mildly lukewarm water while lathering up your face wash and gently pat dry with a soft towel after rinsing it well. The next step is toning because it lowers the skins pH levels, calms-heals and hydrates the skin. It also prepares your skin for the application of serum & moisturizers. To finish the routine, whether day or night, it is essential not to skip the moisturizer to maintain the right oil balance for your skin. For the daytime, you could use a moisturizer with sun protection for additional skin protection. For the night time, use a rich emollient based night treatment cream. Do not forget to exfoliate every alternate day or at least once a week, followed by a functional and treatment based facial masque. Eye creams and Lip balms should be used on a regular basis to take care of the delicate eye area and lips. We also offer solutions for troubled and acne prone skin with specific target packs and healing and hydrating creams and gels. Also, you can explore a remarkable range of BXL Cellular Range of Ayurvedic Skincare Products- A new lease of life for your skin with the revolutionary and path breaking innovation in Plant Stem Cell Technology. The BXL Cellular natural skincare products are enriched with plant stem cells that immortally help intercellular and intracellular rejuvenation, and connection to provide miraculous benefits. It is a legacy of Advanced KSTDC  formulations, and we bring Nature based skincare-the abundant energy of nature’s Ayurveda treasure trove with the best ingredients. At KSTDC , we believe that flawless skin is not only a promise-it is a heritage!

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