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Per KG : 26500 sandalwood 

50 KG 

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200 KG

500 KG 


 sandalwood for the Gods in temples donation

sandalwood temple for home sandalwood pooja mandir

avaiable 25 kg ,50 kg ,100 kg 

The word sandalwood in English, Chandan in Hindi, Santhanam in Tamil represent the precious and scented wood.  ‘ Santulam album’ is the botanical name for the above species.  Sandalwood tree is a small ever green tree with a moderate height of 12 – 15 Metres.  Matured trees are covered with a dark brown to reddish bark.  The smooth trunk of young trees turns rough with age and exhibits deep vertical cracks. The small leathery leaves display a range of greenish colors.  The purplish brown flowers are small and unscented.  Though the tree can grow under a variety of environmental conditions, the finest heartwood is formed only in dry, rocky and hilly terrain in Tamil Nadu.

 In Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore, Namakkal and Villupuram Districts, this species naturally spread over in large areas.  It is found in Karnataka and part of Kerala also. donation for temple highest donation sandalwood highest donation temple in world temple in world

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